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Questions for Property Transfer Tax (BC)

Theresa Shaw

20140219-224133.jpgIf you are like me, then you probably have tons of questions about Property Transfer Tax. Do I have to pay it? What happens when I sell my house? What if I want to give my house to my children? Are there any rebates, discounts or first-time homebuyer benefits?  I’ve come across a nice article from David Simon – which is quite helpful in some of the odd particulars of Property Transfer Tax, like adding someone’s name to title – does that constitute a sale subject to property transfer tax? I’m by no means an expert nor a lawyer – should you consult your own lawyer if you have a particular situation or question? Yes. If you want to shoot me over a quick question, or get some recommendations on who you should really be speaking to, please hit up the comment section below or on my contact form.

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Why some homes struggle to sell (as illustrated by Legos)


Well the other issue is the design. This house can’t decide if it’s a castle or contemporary home. The right buyer will love it, but so far that buyer hasn’t shown up.

Enjoy this clever lego illustration of why some homes struggle to sell, by Sacramento appraiser Ryan Lundquist & sons!

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Some houses simply struggle to sell. They sit on the market week after week and month after month with no bites. Here is an example of one house that has done just that. Take the lessons here for what they’re worth.  🙂

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